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capsiplex review

Capsiplex helps you burn 278 calories per day! Best fat burner on the market!

And this is Clinically Proven!

Capsiplex is a diet pill made from capsaicin, natural fat burners,
an ingredient derived from chilli peppers that are proven to burn an additional 278 calories each day. Capsiplex is very popular fat burner pills among stars like Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears or Jennifer Lopez.


  • 80 minutes of walking
  • 25 minutes of jogging
  • 1 Hamburger
  • 1 Slice of Pizza
  • 2 Chocolate Chip Cookies

Capsiplex, best fat burner supplement, is the latest weight loss find that you have heard of in the media.

Made with Capsicum extract, Capsiplex helps you decrease your appetite, burn fat, increase your metabolism, which gives you more energy and reduces your calorie intake.

For years, scientists around the world have tried to produce a capsule that could contain all the power of red chilli peppers to burn fat and speed up the process of weight loss. They are ideal thermogenic fat burners.

Chilli pepper to help you lose weight quickly without suffering from an upset stomach.

Indeed, we have known for more than 30 years that red chilli pepper has the potential to promote rapid and natural weight loss thanks to its compound ingredient called Capsicum. Capsicum is what makes chilli peppers taste “hot” and “hot”. You might be thinking – are fat burners safe? Here’s the answer –

What Is Capsiplex – best thermogenic fat burners?

Capsiplex is a powerful fat burner. It helps you to eliminate fat to lose weight. Capsiplex can also be used by people who want to stabilise their weight following a diet.

Some of the effects of Capsiplex include:

  • Helps to burn calories.
  • Stimulates metabolism rate.
  • Improves endurance.

Do fat burners work? Capsiplex has been developed using OmniBead technology which induces the thermogenic effect of chilli pepper without the burning sensation. Thus, Capsiplex is powerful, but the latter does not irritate the gastric tract.


What are the ingredients in Capsiplex?

Before taking any dietary supplement, it is essential to seek advice from your doctor, but also to look at the different components of the chosen slimming product. With this first analysis, you will know if you are allergic or not to one of the ingredients and if they are useful for weight loss.

Capsiplex consists of four flagship active ingredients:

  • Of Capsicum extract (80.34 mg per capsule), the component that makes this product a powerful slimming supplement. This has several advantages: it accelerates weight loss, stimulates the metabolism, burns calories and helps reduce the fats present in the body.

Note: Capsicum is the generic name for peppers. The latter contain capsaicin, a chemical compound that gives the intense taste to peppers and which plays a significant role in the metabolism.

  • Of caffeine (138 mg per capsule), active known for its exciting properties and can boost energy expenditure when the person is at rest. Caffeine also helps increase energy, focus and this ingredient helps to stimulate you if you have sports training. Caffeine is also a fat burner on its own.
  • Of piperine (5 mg per capsule), the main component of black pepper. This ingredient can absorb nutrients and lower the level of glucose and cholesterol in the blood. Thanks to this action, piperine helps the body to dislodge fats to use them for energy.
  • Of niacin (16mg per capsule), also known as vitamin B3. The latter has several functions: it transforms nutrients into energy, participates in the regulation of cholesterol and sugar levels in the blood. Integrated into Capsiplex, niacin would also reduce cellulite.


Capsiplex review 2020: who is this fat burner for?

Capsiplex is for people wishing to reduce their fat mass or stabilise their weight after their diet.

Whether it is to burn fat or to maintain your weight, certain habits are not easy to put in place. With Capsiplex, your goals will be easier to achieve thanks to the various ingredients with particular roles: while some promote energy expenditure, others reduce appetite. Capsiplex is therefore also useful for people who eat in large quantities, snack between meals or who cannot cope with their food compulsions.

Click here to order Capsiplex from the Bauer Nutrition website.

How does this dietary supplement work on weight loss?


Due to its composition, Capsiplex causes several reactions conducive to weight loss. Here is how this slimming product participates in slimming.

It boosts metabolism.

The capsaicin present in Capsiplex helps stimulate metabolism by boosting thermogenesis. Thanks to this action, the body temperature rises, a phenomenon which helps to burn more fat.

It promotes the elimination of calories during physical effort.

When you exercise, you automatically burn calories. But with Capsiplex, this loss will be increased. Indeed, because of its composition, this slimming product helps burn 278 more calories before, during and after physical activity.

It increases the rate of good fats.

This action is due to piperine and niacin, which reduce the level of lipids in the blood and regulate the balance between the level of good and bad cholesterol. Thanks to this action, your right cholesterol level will increase, and through this impact, your body will have an easier time mobilising fats to eliminate them.

It reduces the feeling of hunger.

The appetite suppressant effect of Capsiplex is possible thanks to capsaicin which reduces appetite. With Capsiplex, you will therefore want to eat less, and your portions will decrease without having the impression of depriving yourself.

Good to know: a study carried out at the Laboratory of Physical Activity Sciences at Laval University in Quebec have shown that capsaicin has an appetite suppressant action and that it activates the feeling of satiety in the brain.

The effects of Capsiplex can, therefore, be summarised as follows:

  • It stimulates metabolism and increases energy expenditure.
  • It is an excellent help in burning calories.
  • It has an exciting appetite suppressant action.
  • It helps burn more fat.
  • It participates in the reduction of fat mass.
  • It improves the digestive system.

Do I have to diet with Capsiplex?

Other weight loss supplements require a lot of effort and lifestyle modification to see results. Capsiplex can be used with daily exercise or without exercise.

The choice is yours. By exercising regularly, you will see results faster, but Capsiplex is a powerful natural supplement that will give you noticeable results for as long as you take it.

No adjustment in your diet will be necessary. You can continue to keep the same habits as before while losing weight. However, we recommend that you adopt a healthy lifestyle to be in better general health and lose weight faster.

Capsiplex is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

If you’ve never thought of including chilli in your diet before, now is the time to spice up your weight loss.

With so many testimonials from satisfied users and medical professionals recommending Capsiplex, it is worth finding out for yourself how many pounds you will lose just by adding a natural supplement to your daily diet.

How long does Capsiplex take to work?

How long does Capsiplex take to work? How long do I lose weight after using Capsiplex? 

Capsiplex is a unique and revolutionary capsule that helps its users to lose weight primarily based on the ability of hot peppers to burn fat and calories.

Its growing popularity in France ( over a million bottles of Capsiplex sold worldwide in 6 months! ) Shows that Capsiplex differentiates itself among the best weight loss supplements available on the market.

Capsicum extract, the main ingredient in Capsiplex, has been shown to reduce appetite.

Even if it is a novelty in the field of weight loss products, Capsicum has been used for centuries, especially in cooking, but also in other areas such as modern and traditional medicine, for example.

It has always had the potential for weight loss, but since Capsicum is hardly tolerated in large amounts, it has never been used before in the manufacture of weight loss capsules.

The ability of hot pepper to help with weight loss can be confirmed by an astonishing amount of data and clinical tests conducted on Capsiplex and several independent reviews.

Capsiplex is a unique product. It works very quickly; usually, according to manufacturers and several satisfied consumers, results are visible after a week of use.

You can lose weight stably as long as you take one capsule per day, and exercise is best for even faster results, but this is not a crucial factor.

Manufacturers claim that users can lose weight while sitting at their desks.

This capsule, by itself, allows the body to burn up to 278 calories per day. That’s the equivalent of 20 minutes of jogging or 80 minutes of walking at a moderate pace.

This particular brand of weight loss product does not have nasty side effects such as heartburn, palpitations, and anxiety, a typical side effect of weight loss pills.

In summary, Capsiplex starts working the moment you use it.

Unlike many other weight loss products that take some time to work in your system, and you can see results from Capsiplex regardless of your diet. And the type of physical exercise (if applicable).

In general, you can eat whatever you want when you want; there is no real need to change your diet drastically because Capsicum suppresses the appetite so you will not want to snack and calorie intake.

Are there any downsides to Capsiplex?

Capsiplex certainly has strengths, but like all dietary supplements, this slimming product cannot work wonders on its own. Also, if you are not careful with your diet or if you leave out the sport, Capsiplex will not affect! It is therefore essential to combine it with a balanced diet and the practice of physical activity. By putting in place these good habits, the positive effects of your slimming product will be present, and the loss of fat accentuated.

And the side effects and contraindications?

Capsiplex has no side effects unless you do not take the prescribed doses. In this case, hypertension may be felt due to the presence of caffeine.

Regarding contraindications, Capsiplex should not be taken before going to bed. Indeed, because of caffeine, your sleep could be disturbed. This food supplement is also not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women. For people with heart disease or sensitive to caffeine, taking Capsiplex is also contraindicated.

This slimming product must be inaccessible to children. Also, remember to keep it in a dry place away from humidity.

Anyway, like all other food supplements, before starting your treatment, it is essential to consult your doctor so that he gives you his opinion as well as his green light.

What are the results of Capsiplex in terms of weight loss?

In reality, the manufacturer does not give a round figure of pounds lost thanks to Capsiplex. On the other hand, it provides some data which allow getting a more precise idea on the effectiveness of this food supplement.

First of all, up to 278 more calories can be eliminated with this slimming product (this is equivalent to 40 minutes of cycling or 80 minutes of moderate walking). Capsiplex also burns three times more calories before a workout and up to 12 times more calories an hour after physical activity.

How to take Capsiplex?

If you want to take Capsiplex, know that specific rules must be taken into account:

  • Order your food supplement only on the laboratory website
  • Once in your hands, read the instructions.
  • Respect the doses indicated by the manufacturer.
  • Drink regularly during your treatment and follow a good lifestyle.

If you meet these criteria, your slimming product will bring you optimal results!

The dosage to be observed

Capsiplex can be taken on sports days and days without physical activity. For the dose, it is one capsule per day maximum in parallel with a healthy diet.

Thus, for “sport” days, take a pill 30 to 60 minutes before the start of your physical activity. Swallow it with a glass of water.

For “rest” days, take one capsule with a glass of water before having breakfast.

As indicated, do not take your food supplement before going to bed at the risk of sleeping poorly.

Each Capsiplex box contains 30 pills, which is enough for one month of treatment.

Where to buy your slimming product?

Capsiplex is distributed by Bauer Nutrition and should therefore be purchased only on the site of this manufacturer. On this site, the prices applied are decreasing, and several reductions are granted according to the number of boxes ordered:

  • A Capsiplex box costs € 34.95 instead of € 44.95.
  • For two ordered, one will be offered free of charge. This lot is displayed at the price of € 69.90 instead of € 104.85 (savings = € 34.95).
  • For every three boxes purchased, you will receive three free. This pack is sold for 104.85 € instead of 209.70 € (savings = 104.85 €).

Why buy from the Bauer Nutrition website?

Ordering your Capsiplex on the official Bauer Nutrition website is a guarantee of safety. Indeed, on this platform, the food supplement is the real one and not an imitation with limited effectiveness and containing ingredients that can be dangerous for health.

Going through the Bauer Nutrition site also allows you to buy your slimming product at the best price, and thanks to the reductions applied, the purchase price of your food supplement is exciting.

Also, the Bauer Nutrition site offers a 60-day money-back guarantee allowing you to try your slimming product during this entire period. If you are not convinced, you can be reimbursed.

Capsiplex: a fat burner with attractive benefits?

To determine the effectiveness of this fat burner, I, therefore, analysed it, tested it, but also looked at whether any studies had been carried out. Here is what I could find as well as my general opinion on this famous Capsiplex.

The various studies carried out.

Some studies have been done to show the effects of the ingredients in Capsiplex on the body. Among them, there is one that was published in 2012 in the journal Appetite. For this, the researchers chose 20 clinical trials that brought together 563 people. The aim of this study? Prove the role of capsaicin on slimming. By studying these various clinical trials, the researchers were able to notice that capsaicin participated in the increase in energy expenditure, in the reduction of the feeling of hunger and the oxidation of lipids. According to these researchers, capsaicin would be able to burn 50 more calories per day (50 being the minimum number).

Another study was done to demonstrate the effects of caffeine. It was carried out on 2,129 people and depending on the frequency of sports activity, the body mass index and socio-demographic criteria, the conclusions are that caffeine plays a role in weight loss.


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