content plan helps to manage, organize, and work the content of a company, product, or service organically. Content is at the heart of connecting with our audience, and knowing how to work creatively, put it on the right channel, and distribute it efficiently are essential elements to the success of any marketing strategy.

Now, what components should you take into account when working on your content plan?

1. Define the audience and tone.

All brands communicate relatively the same to their consumers: that their products or services will provide them with great experiences, that their opinion is essential, that they want to add value to their lives, but how they do it is what makes the difference. It is necessary to do a detailed study of the client: how old they are, their hobbies, work, problems, concerns. And only after that, establish a tone that will be used in each piece, both in language and in graphics.

2. Publication calendar.

Periodicity is vital when it comes to the content plan . Users are in something different every day, is the brand present? Also, it is ideal for taking advantage of ephemeris and important dates. The structure of a publication calendar will help you always to be prepared and have the freedom to act spontaneously sometimes.

3. Inclusion of videos.

That the videos are not missing in your content plan . People prefer to consume videos than other types of material for education or fun. They do not necessarily have to be complicated or very long. With videos of a minute and a half made with an online application and published weekly will suffice. Remember to take advantage of viral content and memes.

4. SEO optimization.

Make an analysis of keywords for which your brand wants to position itself and choose those of medium demand that help you to scale positions in the search engines organically. Include them as a hashtag, in your blog posts, in the tags, URLs, and texts of the web page.

5. Blogging.

An excellent piece of content that will work for any stage of the client, and that will help you position yourself, are blog posts. You could create a corporate blog, and include them in your content plan by publishing them periodically, optimize them at the SEO level and promote them on your Social Media channels.

6. Email marketing.

As a powerful conversion tool, email marketing will be beneficial in your content plan. Consider sending a monthly newsletter informing about your blog posts, offers, and special promotions. The most important thing is the Subject. It must be short, concise, and that you call to open the mail. It also optimizes the design and copies, remember that it should look good on mobile.

7. Promotions and special offers.

Mark on your calendar the days that special offers or promotions will be made, as this will energize your content plan and retain customers while drawing the attention of potential customers.

8. Creativity.

If your content plan is dull, repetitive, and if you were the target audience, you think it would not attract your attention. You have to review it. Although there is structure, schedules, calendar, and parameters, you must also do creative work that connects with your users and helps, impresses, and satisfies them.

Put these simple tips into practice with your marketing team, and be sure to continually measure your results month by month and make the necessary improvements. Although it is a plan, it does not mean that it is not flexible. If you had a blog post planned, but on your Social Networks, a follower asked about a specific topic, make the post by answering their question! He is probably not the only one. Take advantage of the interaction to find out what your audience wants.

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